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Kads (art along the Schinkel)
Documentation of the exhibition and opening.
Love in geometrical order
A performance by Job Koelewijn on 14 april 2013, Museumplein Amsterdam
Client: TAAK
NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO EAT | Kunstvereniging Diepenheim
Artists, residents of Diepenheim and visitors formed during whitsun weekend 2012 a temporary community during the manifestation Now I Lay me Down To Eat. Music: Dan Geesin
Floris van Bommel | FortaRockXL
Floris van Bommel cried like a baby when he heard he was allowed to be Metal reporter for a day at the FortaRockXL Festival. This clip is a compilation of all his efforts during the day: bandinterviews, faninterviews and lots of loud random awesomeness.
Poldercup | Maider Lopez | SKOR
Maider Lopez | SKOR | Foundation Art and Public Space and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art